Tuesday, June 22, 2010

PETA Offers Aid to Solid Rock Church

PETA sent a letter to Solid Rock Church offering to help pay to replace the "King of Kings" statue that burned after it was struck by lightning on June 14. PETA's offer comes with the stipulation that two changes be made to the statue. They ask that the statue depict Jesus holding a lamb, with the message "Blessed Are the Merciful. Go Vegan" inscribed on the base.

The statue was insured, and the insurance policy will cover nearly all of the damages to the statue and surrounding structure. The church plans to rebuild the statue using fireproof material to prevent a similar disaster. The church says that they appreciate the gesture, however, they do not plan to take PETA up on their offer. When asked why, Reverend Darlene Bishop responed, "We're not interested. We raise cattle. We never build a statue with stipulations that we would have to advertise for PETA."

Sources: Middletown Journal, PETA News Release

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