Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kings Island's "Son of Beast" Shut Down

The Son of Beast, a popular roller coaster located at Kings Island, has been shut down due to a pending investigation. According to a spokesperson for the Ohio Department of Agriculture, the Cincinnati area amusement park decided to close the ride after a woman contacted park officials to say she had been injured on the ride on May 31. An investigation is currently in progress and no details have been released as to when it may be completed.

According to King Island spokesman, Don Helbig, it is not unusual for large rides such as the Son of Beast to be shut down for periodic inspections and maintenance. He also told Cincinnati.com that he did not know why the woman didn't speak up until over two weeks after the incident, but that the park shut down the ride immediately because they "take all guest comments seriously."

The Son of Beast, which opened at Kings Island in 2000, is the world's tallest, fastest wooden roller coaster and until 2006, was one of the only roller coasters in the world to successfully include a vertical loop. In July 2006, an accident involving the roller coaster sent 27 people to local hospitals and prompted removal of the loop. The ride reopened in July 2007.


  1. Hopefully this ride will be back soon. Too bad they had to take the loop out.

  2. My question is, why didn't this lady report it till two weeks later?

  3. I live in Cincinnati where kings island is located and recently visited kings island and the ride has been said 2 b shut down for good