Friday, May 14, 2010

Monroe High School's New Vocal Group, "Between the Lines"

Monroe High School's New Vocal GroupMonroe High School has a new "pop-a cappella" group and their name is "Between the Lines" or "BLT." The group is made up mostly of kids who will be seniors next years. They rehearse each day, after school, from 2:45 - 4:45 PM and will be singing at high school events and events in the Monroe Community.

The group is being directed by Mark Jauss who, according to Main Street Monroe, says he is exciting about direction because the music is fun to perform and the group "has the potential to energize the entire Monroe choral program." BTL is made up of twenty students, however three of them will graduate this spring.

The singers are:
  • Kaitlynn Nall (Soprano)
  • Katya Hernandez (Soprano)
  • Hannah Robertson (Soprano)
  • Ellen Short (Soprano)
  • Gayle Bryan (Soprano)
  • Hannah Robbins (Alto)
  • Nikki Larkin (Alto)
  • Corinne Minor (Alto)
  • Emily Hoover (Alto)
  • Rachel Hoover (Alto)
  • Jeff Mack (Tenor)
  • Jay Miller (Tenor)
  • Saxon Hall (Tenor)
  • Eric Stone (Tenor)
  • Troy Patrick (Tenor)
  • Michael Luciano (Bass)
  • Joshua Barrett (Bass)
  • Brian Fiscus (Bass)
  • Taylor Young (Bass)
  • Matthew Kakaris (Vocal Percussionist)

The group's first performance will be the closing act at the Monroe High School Choir Concert, on Tuesday, May 18. It will take place in the school's auditorium at 7:00 PM. They will perform Lionel Richie's "You Are," which was arranged specifically for the group by a member of Wright State's "Fight Club," an all male a cappella group started by Jauss.

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